Static compactor

Static Compactor

Static Compactors are used for the on-site compression of waste materials. The extending ram in the Static Compactor compresses the waste in containers. The equation is simple – the less space your waste takes up, the fewer bins or skips it fills, and the less it will cost you to have it collected for disposal.

Bin lifts are available on Gradeall static waste compactors. In different configurations to suit different types of bins.


The bin is lifted via its side mounted trunnions.

Trunnion bin lifts are best used on heavy 1100 litre wheelie bins, the trunnions on these bins are designed to support the weight of the bin and its contents. The weighted hooks on the trunnion bin lift automatically lock the bin into the bin lift as it tips ensuring that waste is deposited into the compactor and that the bin itself returns safely to the ground.